“Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Youth”

4th meeting in Bulgaria 10-17 November 2015

A group of 6 entrepreneurs selected by “A Rocca” Cultural Association, project partner from Italy, are attending the 4th meeting in the frame of the KA2 project “Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Youth”, taking place in Sofia, Bulgaria from the 10th to the 17th of  November 2015.

The project aims to stimulate the entrepreneurship spirit of participants following three specific project goals:

  • Improving the basic skills abilities in the field of entrepreneurship;
  • Sharing experience and good practices, and creating new business contacts;
  • Stimulating the creativity and initiatives of young people for starting an enterprise.

The participants are know following the agenda of the 4th meeting called “Doing business with Bulgaria” organised by the Bulgarian partner “Organization for Scientific and Practical Development of the Students” (ONPRS).


Participants’ name:

  • Santi Catanesi
  • Antonino Orifici
  • Vera Giorgianni
  • Annamaria Alberto
  • Venera Scarpaci

They are attending courses about how to start new business and/or broaden existing ones in Bulgaria.They are visiting companies in order to see directly how they work in Bulgaria and to have the chance to speak personally with the companies’ owners.


“About the Country: charming and timeless, with a clear Communist imprint. Two characters cohabit in the same body . Its story is fascinating. At the horizon, mountains are wonderful, both the Balkans and especially the forests of Bulgarian pine, with scent of Bulgarian rose. A mix that together with food and museums transmits positive feelings. Good investment possibilities and high purchasing power of the Euro.” (Antonino Orifici).

“Bulgaria is a surprising country! It welcomes you with smiles and its inhabitants’ friendliness and surprises you for the enthusiasm and dynamism of young people.Sofia is beautiful! The streets have still the signs of a long history, the Roman ruins alternate with giant monuments and palaces of the Communism era and by crossing the city you can easily go over the centuries.There are still many areas for new investments, especially for the benefits represented by fair taxation and a good organization of the work system. You can feel the desire to create and grow within a Europe that is perceived by the benefits it provides and not for the limitations it imposes.” (Vera Giorgianni)

“Amazing city! Fascinating city, rich of culture and contradictions, where past and present are reflected in the architecture of the various buildings, in the beautiful monuments and magnificent Orthodox churches (not to be missed Aleksander Nevski’s Church) that make this city alive, capable of strong emotions and that it has nothing to envy to other European capitals! Rich in parks and tree-lined avenues, that at this time of the year (autumn), are covered with golden leaves, creating a fairy tale strongly captivating and charming! People are very friendly and helpful. English is spoken by the majority regardless of the welfare state. Moreover, it is a low-cost destination: the cost of living is much lower compared to European standards and modest tax burden offers interesting investment opportunities!” (Annamaria Alberto)

“From the first day in Bulgaria, the group of young Sicilian businessmen showed great enthusiasm and participation remaining deeply impressed by the country and its inhabitants. Bulgaria and its capital give a feeling of serenity and its people are friendly and helpful. There are numerous idea of  investment that affect the group for the Bulgarian territory, from food to textiles. The course in Entrepreneurship has opened numerous opportunities to its participants and helped them to learn about the strengths for a successful investment in Bulgaria, where the workforce and a dynamic economy seem to open new possibilities to foreign entrepreneurs.” (Santi Catanesi)

Experience of great value both humanly and professionally. I will go back to Italy with the feeling of leaving friendly people in a warm and familiar environment. The chance to compare myself with other young entrepreneurs and analyze every doubt, perplexity … listen to opinions, advices … has strengthened the belief on the strength of my project and transmitted new energy to analyze and overcome the weaknesses. Bulgaria is full of possibility to discover: it’s able to reward those who deserve, those who work in the direction of innovation, who tenaciously pursues its objectives. (Vera Scarpaci)

Stay tuned for further information and updates!

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