Easter Desserts in Sicily

Sicily is taking Easter very seriously, it is considered the second most important holiday in Italy after Christmas. Easter or in Italian Pasqua signals the arrival of spring. The meaning of Pasqua is “passover”. This word inherently suggests the idea of change and movement. The Easter Bunny is not a thing here. In Italy, it’s all about eggs, the symbol of rebirth and renewal. These days bakeries will make personalized Easter eggs where you can choose your own surprise, from simple kid’s toys to as far as engagement rings. Besides chocolate eggs there is a hole variety of Easter desserts prepared for the celebration. Let’s discover what Italians are known the best for, their food.

Colomba di Pasqua “Easter cake”. Named after the dove shape it has, the symbol of peace. Cake is covered with granules of sugar and almonds.
Agnello pasquale “Easter lamb”. Is made with almonds and pistachios, covered with icing sugar and look at the attitude of this one.
Easter cuddura or pupo cu l'ovu

In past centuries, future brides prepared cuddura and brought it to church, during the Easter service, to get blessed. It is a popular Eastern gift to this day. This dessert has many symbolic meanings, in fact, the forms can be in traditional shapes or made up. For example basket is to wish for abundance, a chicken (or dove) for boys, and doll shape for girls.

“Natale con i tuoi, Pasqua con chi vuoi” is a popular expression throughout Italy, meaning “Spend Christmas with your family, but Easter with whomever you want.” Now that you know what to have as a desert reach out to friends and enjoy the events around the city. There are a lot of Easter events going on here in Barcellona PG.

We have prepared a map for you to get around Procession of Varette

All in all Easter in Italy is a good mixture of old tradition, symbolism and rich tastes.

Happy Easter !  Buona Pasqua !

Grete Radvilavicius ERASMUS intern from Estonia

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