“Early School leaving” Training course: Final considerations and conclusions

"Early school leaving" training course: considerations and conclusions

There was a Training on 18th till 25th of February, where Teachers from Váci Szakképzési Centrum Király Endre Szakgimnáziuma és Szakközépiskolája arrived and engaged in activities contain the theme of early school leaving. There were several activities, thoughts and discussions on how the teachers could learn and practice them in their classrooms back in Hungary. The teachers got somehow to experience being students again. They were anxious in the beginning, not knowing what to expect and what the next game would be about however, they saw that the games could be quite enjoyable, no matter what age. Also, they have shown so much improvement after this week training as their facilitator Andreia said on how she notices on the teachers’ self-awareness, and somehow even became more empathetic.

The teachers seemed to be quite open minded and weren’t putting kids into boxes. They just need more practice because they knew the theoretical part but do not know the practice that needs to be taken. The teacher’s facilitator is hoping that the teachers would use some of these activities in their class and the action plans prepared for them. Which are personal and collective. Andreia is hoping to see them using them and will try to keep contact on asking them on how the process is going. Although there was the language barrier, the overall training ended well with positive feedback. Even if the teachers wished to be meeting other teachers and visiting other schools in Italy, they still learned a lot of valuable lessons. They understood the main topic of letting go and accepting critics. Afterall it is better to let loose and be able to engage with activities that will help understand students better.

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