We are willing that your stay in Sicily would be joyful and of a great experience. Because of this we can offer you not only language courses but also some cultural courses and activities in combination as in this way students get an opportunity to better understand Sicilian culture and community.

You can choose from making pizza and tasting different types of wines to making a pot by your own hands or having fun doing some water sports or going to the mountains. There is a list of cultural activities and courses that we offer below. If you have any other desires, contact us with your request.

  • Traveling and sailing
  • Guided tours and museums (special tours: “The Godfather” Tour, Chocolate Tour)
  • Culinary traditions and cooking
  • Food & wine
  • History of Sicily
  • Arts
  • Handicrafts
  • Fashion and design (including shopping in outlets of famous designers clothes)
  • The beauty day in SPA
  • Photography
  • Music
  • Outdoor activities (water sports, volleyball on the beach, soccer, cycling, mountain bike, trekking, climbing in the mountains, etc.)


  • To give students an opportunity to learn more about Italy and the island of Sicily
  • To enlarge students understanding of Sicilian traditions, culture and people
  • To give students an opportunity to participate in authentic Sicilian social life
  • To show students some very interesting and famous destinations
  • To give students an opportunity to try and learn new things
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