“Creativity in Learning Environments” Erasmus+ Training Course

Training course about “Creativity in Learning Environments”

Are you a teacher, trainer, staff or professional of adult education or head teacher? Or are you simply interested in creative teaching methods and want to improve your skills on this field?

If yes, we would like to recommend you a training course, named Creativity in Learning Environments, organized by one of our experienced trainer, Sergio Gonçalves. He has led some of our courses with enthusiasm and always with great results.

The aims of the course are to:

  • Provide theory and concepts about creativity and its use in learning
  • Acquire or raise the level of creative skills to use at personal and professional level
  • Provide methods and practical tools to stimulate the development of creativity
  • Gain knowledge on how to transfer the acquired competences to the learning environment, for students, pupils and trainees.
  • Explore different tools of creative work

During the 7 days of course, participants will have the chance to acquire or improve their creative skills through formal and non-formal methods, and will be able to transfer them into their work. The application is opened for Erasmus+ founded and self-financed individuals as well.

Dates: 7 to 15 November 2016

Place: Lisbon, Portugal

Fore more information please write to pr@eprojectconsult.com

Always remember, it is time every day to learn something new and develop yourself. Take the chance and join.

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