Come Together for Future Opportunities

From the 5th to 11th of December, EProjectConsult is attending a very interesting meeting. We have been invited to attend a contact making seminar called “Come Together for Future Opportunities” in Thessaloniki, Greece. The seminar is being hosted by Youtfully Yours and our EU project coordinator Errol Delly Bailly is attending the meeting.

During the economic crisis, it became clear that unemployment of young people is a big social problem that effects the economy heavily. The project “Come Together for Future Opportunities” wants to tackle this problem. The aim of the project is to stimulate possible collaborations between the attendants and to build a network of European partners that are able to develop projects in the field of employability and youth participation.

The objectives of the meeting are:

  • – To develop youth international mobility projects focusing on entrepreneurship and/or employability;
  • – To explore, exchange and discuss different ways how an international mobility project can contribute to employability and entrepreneurship;
  • – To share and explore ideas, experience and areas of common interest in the intercultural settings;
  • – To establish new partnerships that aim to promote the implementation of youth projects in Partner countries;
  • – To understand EU’s current program for youth “Erasmus +” that has been launched from the beginning of 2014 and will last till 2020.

We are certain that this will be an interesting even and we hope that the results will be very interesting for all the participants involved. For future updates about this seminar, please follow us on our social media. You can find the links to our social media at the top of this website.

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