Colors And Personalities – What You Need To Know

Colors and Personalities

Misunderstanding, conflicts or disagreement always happen when working in an international team with different cultures. The more diverse multicultural team you lead, the more different personalities you face. Thus, understanding your own personality and the others’ one could bring many valuable advantages that help to identify our own leadership personality,  increase working relationship, support your team members stay motivated, and drive the workflow to go smoothly.

Self-awareness, why needed?

No one is perfect. We can’t be stronger if we don’t understand our own strengths and weaknesses and others. The more core values you know, the better you perform in every area of working life.

Self-awareness enhances to improve communication skill, minimizes conflicts and save time to make the job done.

Self-awareness also tackles collaboration, working relationship, tailor-made development plan and its sign of common languages though they have inherited differences.

How different colors impact on one multi-cultural team?

Colors And Personalities – What You Need To Know by EProjectConsultEach color is reflective of one personality and one person can have different personality colors. As a leader, covering all personality colors creates a comprehensive overview that he/she can understand his style, strengths, weaknesses and his/her team members, and how to react or behave in an international or multicultural team.

Leaders know how to motivate team members. Team members know what to do to reach towards the same goals and avoid misunderstanding, bring more working effectiveness and efficiencies.


Why can an abroad internship help define your own personality?

With the support of Erasmus+ programs from European Commission, working across the country is not a new term. These programs have brought people all with different cultures and personalities over the world closer together.

Through mobility programs, the youth have the chance to study, work in another country that may be totally different from their home country. It seems to be the challenges at the beginning because they have to get out of their comfort zone and by themselves, find the way to adapt to new living or working environment completely. However, it could be the great opportunity that they can learn, reflect themselves in order to be acquainted with new things as well as understand their own personality and the others comprehensively.

Now, just relax and let figure out which color you are in through an interesting game as the link below. It’s just for your reference, no stressful 🙂

Personality Colors Quiz



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