Blended training course Erasmus+ “Better parents, better children”

training course Erasmus+

Blended training course

Erasmus+ project "Better parents, better children"

At the beginning of August, we had a chance to welcome a group of 6 teachers from Romania. Their visit was part of the Erasmus+ Key Action 1 Mobility Program and part of the project called “BETTER PARENTS, BETTER CHILDREN” (2019-1-RO01-KA104-061418) where they participated in the three different training courses. Training courses allows participants and the organisations to explore and expand their knowledge by sharing their experience and learning different approaches in their work through discussions, workshops and group work.

The training course began on the 1st of August. First topic was Internet safety since today most of the people are using the internet network and sometimes are not aware of possible danger on it. Through this training course the participants had a chance to learn some practical and safe ways to protect their personal information while using the internet. They were shown all the possible danger that Internet hides, such as unsafe pages, spam links, online shopping, etc, and which are the ways to prevent them. Also, they had a small demonstration how does it looks when someone is trying to steal your personal information or steal your data. After this course, now they got better inside on the possible danger on the internet and some simple but very useful advice on how to protect their information. They gain the knowledge which now they can share to others and raise the awareness of the importance of protecting their information and data on the internet. 

training course Erasmus+

The next one was Teenager’s behaviour disorders. Working as a teacher, they were all, in some way, familiar with this topic. The aim of this course was to make them connect the topic with their own experience. First, it was important to check their previous knowledge about behaviour disorders – how much they know, what is that they know, etc. Through the conversation among themselves and with the training course guide they manage to define some main terms and differences between them. The next step was to share some experience which they had and how did they manage them. That was the beginning of finding some together solutions which can help them in their future work. Also, they discussed which are the best ways to implement new knowledge they gained. Even though that through the conversation they realised there was some significant differences between the systems in two different countries, they manage to find solutions which can be implemented on both sides.

Last topic of the training course is Start your business.

The aim of this course is to learn some easy and basic methods for new business start and how to manage it. Through this process they will also be able to visit Jalari Park Museum where they can see how it looks when you combine starting business with cultural heritage. They will get to know the history of the place and how it all started, how they manage their work, which are the advantages of it and which problems can sometimes come on their way and how they deal with it. The course was also based on showing the participants how to easily expand new businesses by using simple tools and some basic ways.

We hope they will treasure their learning experience once they’ll be back home and we wish them a pleasant stay in Sicily. 

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