Back into work after the August

The best way to ease back into work after the August vocations here in Sicily and in our office too, is to tackle new projects right out of the gate! We are expecting September to be very productive and full with new challenges and experiences for everyone working with us, in upcoming days we will take role of the hosting partner for two groups from Slovakia and one from Croatia.

Firstly, from8th of September 2013 until 29th of September 2013 14 students and 2 teachers from the school of Strednáodbornáškolapoľnohospodárstva a služiebnavidiekuin Slovakia will take part in the Leonardo da Vinci IVT program’s project named “Improving of received Professional knowledge and skills for successful participation at domestic and foreign labour market”. The young people will undertake the trainingin the various placement companies in the field of the gardening and cooking in the town of Terme Vigliatore (Messina), where they also be accommodated for the duration of their stay.

LLP Program EProjectConsultSecondly, on September 15, 2013 we will receive participants in the Life Long Learning program in the frame for mobility for People in the Labour Market (PLM) from Croatia in the project called “Travel, Study, Cook”. The 20 participants will have practice in the field of the cooking, wherewith they will become acquainted with the traditional Italian and Sicilian cuisine.

On the same time, from 22th of September 2013 until 28th of September 2013 we will take role of hosting partner for a group of Slovenian professionals in the frame of Leonardo da Vinci Mobility for Professionals in Vocational Education and Training program(VETPRO)project called Working activities with unemployed people during the economic downturn”. While visiting various institutions (for instance, the employment center, the department of work and social affairs in Municipality of Barcellona P.G. and other institutions), taking active part in discussions and exchanging mutual experiences, the nine experts, in the field of unemployment, will get to know more about the system of social care and the innovative practices used in Sicily, in order to combat the unemployment.

All the above-mentioned Life Long Learning mobility projects enable people to train in another country and in the co-operation to transfer and develop new practices; soon Erasmus+ would bring together all the current LLL programs.

For all the three groups will be guaranteed half board service and the accommodation in Terme Vigliatore, Barcellona P.G and Milazzo respectively. Moreover, in the projects are included the organization of an interesting intercultural programs with excursions to the places like Milazzo, Taormina, Etna, Palermo and Cefalù.

For now, we are running all the preparation to receive them upon arrival and provide all the necessary support during they stay.We are looking forward to welcome all the participants!

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