Arts Marketing

Erasmus+ Internship

marketing of arts festivals and audience development sector

The knowledge acquired by the learner regarded primarily two fields of professional practice – marketing of arts festivals and audience development.

On the one hand learning targets were the methods of work a cultural organization in Italy. On the other, the aim was to improve the professional competence of the learner through a transfer of experience and expertise among Bulgarian and Italian cultural organizations.

TASKS influenced the professional skills embedded in the learning programme (the following task were put in practice from the candidate with the tutoring and monitoring of the “A Rocca” Artistical & Cultural Organization’ staff):

1) Methods to implement innovative art marketing strategies /marketing research, fund raising, selection and invitation of the international  artists/

The team of the host organization Associazione artistica culturale “A Rocca” provided a work program or tasks and learning objectives for the implementation of a study of attitudes of local communities towards its communication policy on cultural activities, events and festivals. They take place mostly in August in Jalari Park Museum:

Busker Festival (street arts festival, 1500 people audience, 2011 – 6th edition)

Jalari in Corto (short movies international festival);

XXXII Festa della Vendemmia  – Culture & Folklore promotion.

In particular, the research of the public as well as the found raising activities related to the cultural events organization, were a main focus of the practical training.

2) Methods to implement innovative informal learning in culture by provoking dialogue with the audience and eliminating barriers towards arts participation and involvement.

Associazione artistica culturale “A Rocca” provided a range of activities for its youth audience in the period March – September. The method of programming and co-ordination of training and workshops of traditional crafts and arts for school children was analysed and the learner was immersed into exchange on this topic.

3) Methods to implement the European cooperation among international cultural organisations and festivals were shared by focusing on the acquirement of new skills related to art & public relations, events management and implementation of new partnerships.

The Arts Marketing 2010-1-BG1-LEO02-03 372 project has foreseen the following results

Cultural Programme

In the free time they had chance to visit some beautiful places in Sicily, and know Italian cuisine thanks to the local restaurants.


General Skills and Competencies Acquired:

COMPETENCIES AND SKILLS – Collecting and compiling a database of attitudes, actions and initiatives, media, places and persons related to art and culture in Messina’province and in a city of Bulgaria.  Identifying research tools for improved communications and marketing to overcome existing barriers to public participation in cultural events.

CERTIFIATE Europass Mobility issuing containing the professional competencies acquired during the project validated by the sending and the hosting organisations and the learner as well. It contains the names of the user, the project title, project number, starting and ending dates of mobility, place of mobility, a program of training activities by day, and acquired as a result of mobility skills.

EXPERIENCE in EUROPEAN cooperation for the three parties enhancing their capacity to utilise intercultural dialogue in their products and services linked to cultural activities.

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