Artistic Events Management – New Erasmus+ training course

Training course Erasmus+

Organisation of Artistic Events

Erasmus+ Training course | 11-15 July, 2022 | Barcellona P.G.

A new training course, with the theme “Organisation of Artistic Events”, was organised last week in Barcellona P.G. by EProjectConsult, for the benefit of teachers and managers of the Vocational Secondary School Victoria of Riga, in Latvia. From Monday 11th to Friday 15th July, il Collettivo Flock, Mish Mash, il Circolo delle Lucertole, l’Atelier Desio Sposa and il Duo Imbesi Zangarà shared their experience, skills, and methods. With great enthusiasm, even passion, they highlighted their motivations, objectives, and personal vision.

The three first associations explained their decision to reach and have an emotional impact on a wider audience by including local traditions yet following an innovative or/and contextual approach. This was done, for example, by addressing environmental or social issues through modern art set in locations well-known and close to the heart of the public, or through different artistic disciplines used contemporarily. Later, l’Atelier Desio Sposa explained how they carefully selected, even prepared, their public, with a well-planned commercial goal, and a strong-and-frequently-used database, all prepared long in advance. Later on, the same day, vera Pietrini shared the technical aspects of her own activity in connection with the organisation of weddings and anniversaries. Finally, il Duo Imbesi Zangarà demonstrated, among other interesting aspect of their expertise, how they approach bureaucratic challenges to organise local, national, even international events, by building on laws which contribute to the improvement of the individual. While most of them illustrated their work in synergy with providers of local resources, in order to involve the whole community in the event, all highlighted the need to avoid undiscriminated advertising but, instead to have an effective communication strategy, using the right channels, and for an appropriate length of time.

The trainees from Latvia really enjoyed meeting local artists and professional figures in different attractive settings such as Parco Jalari. For their part, the trainers shared their passion for their activities with great enthusiasm and illustrated, very convincingly, their different approaches to this very dynamic artistic sector.

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