APV Dress to express

From 20th of August till 22nd of August Eprojectconsult team spend in APV (Advance Planning Visit) “Dress to express” in small Sicilian town GeraciSiculo. GereaciSiculo situated high on mountains in Palermo province. In APV participated 8 people from 7 countries: Italy, Latvia, Turkey, Armenia, Romania, Greece and Ukraine.

Project “Dress to express” will be realized in frame of Youth in Action 3.1. activity. European fund co financing will be 70%. Project will last one week from the 5th of September 2012 to the 12 of September 2012. “Dress to express” will be focused on culture and style differences between countries involved in project. During the project will be discovered the way how people express themselves throw the way of dressing. Project participants will explore these differences using non formal learning methods. As the final product of project will be European fashion show!

During APV group leaders met with Major of GeraciSiculo and town administration. Project coordinators showed to the group leaders municipality, places where activities will be held and accommodation. Participants asked all interested their questions and expressed their ideas.

We want to thank all group members, who come to Geraci for APV. And we are waiting for the next meeting in September!

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