Advanced visit “eARTh”

This weekend ( 10th -12th of February), we spent in Gangi with all the partners for the project eARTh. This project will be about awareness of environmental behaviour and will include all kinds of (artistic) activities to create this awareness. The partner- countries for this project are:  Bulgaria, Grecia, Latvia, Romania, Turkey, Germany and as hosting country Italy. This weekend all the leaders gathered for getting to know each other, to see the environment where the project will be implemented, to discuss activities and to have fun. We celebrated the birthday of our Romanian guest by eating Pizza; we are in Italy so what else? Everybody enjoyed this short time meeting in Gangi. However, some guests overestimated the weather in Sicily because in some home- countries the temperature was around -20 degrees. Sicily makes people automatically think of a warm(er) environment, but the partners became acquainted with Gangi as a white, snowy environment. Now, we will proceed with the implementation of the project eARTh. The program has to be completed with, inter alia, a further input per country. Regarding the deadlines, materials and more; an email will be sent about this. We will keep in touch! Thanks all for this weekend!

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