A website for women entrepreneurs

A website for women entrepreneurs

The lack of women entrepreneurs in Europe creates a profound gap between men and women entrepreneurs. Women’s entrepreneurial potential is an underexploited source of economic growth, and women are underrepresented in economic and political decision-making.

Which is why we have created a web platform (pwoee.eu) where e-courses are available. We provide three different courses on topics about Business Technology, Social and Environmental Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Finance

These courses provide the tools and knowledge necessary for the management of a new company, but above all, they give significant resources to support women in their careers. In the section “mentors and teachers” you will find a presentation of each of our talented and experienced mentors to get to know about their career and life.

In this platform, you will also find a networking space where you will be able to participate in discussions and reflections on various topics such as: the role of emotions in the process of making and delivering decisions in women leadership, developing the next generation of female leaders, balancing financial growth with social environmental responsibility.

Your opinion is more than important for us, feel free to express yourself!

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