3 tips to choose the right partners for your KA2 project under Erasmus+

Since the call for proposals KA2 are opened, we are all looking to team up with the convenient partners for a winning project. EProjectConsult, with over 7 years of experience in this area would like to provide you with some tips.

1. What do I need from a cooperating partner?
You should look for a partner who brings something different to the table than you do. If you’re creative, maybe you need a more detail-oriented partner. “If they’re similar to you, it might be more comfortable, but it may not be what you need,” says William Moore. You need someone who complements your skills and personality. Keep in mind that, You don’t need another you, no matter how good you are.


2. Clearly define role and responsibilities
The common mistake in the field of the business is the fact of assuming that the partner is on the same page as you. Make sure you each have defined roles and responsibilities, which will help you understand the expected deliverables.
Consider the following:
a) Set down each partner’s core responsibilities for achieving those objectives.
b) Establish benchmarks for measuring success for each partner.
c) Make sure you and your partners agree to this.


3. Get it in writing!
Spell out your roles and responsibilities in a partnership agreement.
You need to determine what you want to give in exchange for a partnership that works for both of you. This includes compensation, equity stake, or more likely. Address these issues of compensation and equity at the beginning. It only gets more uncomfortable as time goes by.

Would you like to increase your chance of winning these are important steps to follow, also a strong more important EProjectConsult on your side will be a win-win partnership.

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