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MAD you. You can Make a Difference

European Solidarity Corps


The project MAD you. You can Make a Difference will involve 50 volunteers coming from 5 partner organizations from 5 countries: Italy, Spain, Turkey, Morocco and Romania. Each voluntary activity will last for 2 weeks (excluded 2 travel days). In total 4 volunteers activities are planned.

The project will consist of:

4 Advanced planning visits, they will involve 2 members from each organization (1 volunteer + 1 manager) and take place on the venue where each volunteering activity will be implemented Through the APV, the participants will:

  • Have the chance to meet in person with the representative of each organization;
  • Give the chance to the volunteers attending the APV to have a first sight of the activities;
  • Make improvements of amendments to the program;
  • Sign partnership agreements.

4 Volunteering activities, they will involve 50 volunteers and take place in:

  • Beypazari province, Ankara City, Turkey,
  • Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto (Me), Italy,
  • Ferrol, Spain,
  • Oasis Oumifiss (rural area of Laqsabi Targoust, province of Guelmim), Morocco.

Each activity will last 2 weeks (travel days excluded).

The objectives of this project are:

  • To improve the living environment for the people and areas where the activities take place;
  • To allow young people involved to give their contribution to the society;
  • To increase the awareness of the local people to take care of their living environment via voluntary project, especially to the young generation (primary – secondary students);
  • To improve self-discipline not only to participants but also the local citizens in order to keep their place clean-fresh. Living in a clean environment and fresh atmosphere would bring them better health and happiness;
  • To increase the awareness and responsibility of the volunteers involved, especially regarding the topic of the project;
  • To spread the project activities effect to other people (wider impact);
  • To make clear to the communities involved (as well as to the volunteers taking part to them) how to separate waste for recycling (via movie, brochures, etc) to avoid wasting too much trash to the environment. Showing/encouraging, using recycling products or eco products (non-woven bags, bio-bags…);
  • To educate through volunteering activities.

The activities will be as follows:

Get into the green scene Morocco (MO)

Apart from making city cleaner for living environment improvement, we also plan to have the activity in the working area of farming, which so called mulching. In this activity, our Moroccan partner, who has a lot of experience in this area, will be in charge for this. Participating in this activity, volunteers team will be involved by the creation of the mulching by grinding tree branches, herbs derived from the maintenance of plants. They also will have the knowledge about the necessary to have organic mulching to plant and protect the plants/trees rather using the chemical ones. This will lead to the ideas to prevent using chemical fertilizer which definitely will be harmful to the land, air and water in the long run.

Green actions in the Beypazari province  Turkey (TR)

In this activity, volunteers’ participants will be in charge of collecting and cleaning the trash in the city, beaches and forests. They will plant trees in some specific areas and have the opportunity to perform some activities in protected areas for environmental preservation.

Involving entire community for a better environment (IT)

This activity mainly focus on migrants who will take the lead role during the activities. This will lead to raise the awareness of being European.  The activity will enable participants to collect the trash and enjoy their time by doing sport with some migrants. this action will include migrants within the society. 

Improve environment through practical and interactive workshops (ES)

Practical and interactive workshops about environment will be arranged to create a local awareness. The main purpose of these workshops is encouraging the environmental activities. The volunteers will be responsible for trash collection. Group activities will be implemented with the people from different countries to share their experiences.

The profile of an ideal volunteer will be:

  • between 18 and 30 years old;
  • coming from the countries of the partner organizations;
  • having a basic knowledge of the English language;
  • having an interest in the environmental subject;
  • registered on the European Youth Platform;
  • showing commitment to serve under the European Solidarity Corps;
  • physical stamina and emotional stability to maintain effectiveness;
  • not mandatory (but preferable) coming from socio-economical obstacles situation and demonstrated interest to take part in such multicultural activity;

We will give priority to 21 youths presenting some difficulties with regard to the educational system  (including earlier school dropouts, students with a poor school performance) as well as to those with limited financial resources (economical obstacles).

The travel costs will be reimbursed up to a certain amount allocated by the European Commission; accommodation and food are provided by the host organization. Each volunteer will also receive a daily allowance to cover the personal expenses (food and other necessities).

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