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My name is Linda Maciejewska-Pertek and I am the new coordinator of EU projects at EProjectConsult responsible for Poland and Eastern Europe. I am a graduate in Political science and journalism. I am 39 years old.

I have almost 20 years of experience at work with people, equal customer service and team management. I participated in the creation and implementation of many projects in various industries, being responsible for their co-creation and implementation. I also dealt with training, building sales channels, recruiting employees and creating local branches. I have received training in the field of NLP, sales psychology and human resource management.

At EProjectConsult, I will help you at the stage of designing a project, revising the application up to the implementation of it. For visiting groups, I provide support not only from the language side but also in every area of life in which it will be needed during the stay. You can count on professionalism and cordiality too. Tolerance, understanding, communication, efficiency is the basis of my work which I will be happy to share with you. If the concept that everybody has his/her own “map of reality” and thus his/her individual approach to things and people, respecting the differences, is familiar to you – and as people working with the youth, I am convinced that it is – we will be very successful.

Knowing the specifics workload and the mission that teachers and directors are currently facing in the education sector, bearing in mind that work on creating, implementing and designing a project requires your free time and efforts; whereas that today’s world demands a lot from the young generation that has to adapt itself into the “global village”; considering that the ability to easily gain the many skills required is possible by traveling and exploring the world, I would like to introduce myself as a team member, also member of your team, who will work tightly with you for the success of the project.

I invite you to contact me, I invite you to work together.

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