Evaluation of Projects

Besides its expertise in dissemination, EProjectConsult also offers its knowledge in evaluating European Projects. Our method guides the evaluation process of our clients’ projects, improves its quality and, ultimately, provides with the necessary tools for a successful evaluation strategy in the future.

Our evaluation method based on the professional standards of the European Commission aims at assessing the satisfaction of all stakeholders of a project. EProjectConsult guides you at each stage of the project by carrying out the following 4-step methodology:

– Intervention strategy: our team helps see whether the project has met the expected impact, by restating the goals and activities carried out. Also useful for data collection.– Data collection: our team helps collect evaluation data that are already available and obtain new information through various means (see next section) while countering frequent difficulties in the process.

– Methodological design: our team helps to choose the best evaluation approach and/or optimise the overall design by selecting the best evaluation tools, considering the time and resources available.

– Analysis: eventually, our team considers the best strategy of evaluation analysis regarding the data collected. Our team helps collect data(2nd step of our methodology) in various ways:

– Evaluation surveys and questionnaires: we develop surveys and questionnaires whose questions are chosen in relevance with the aims of the project, the ones of the EU and, finally, the services provided by the NGO. Each survey/questionnaire is personalised and includes enough room for participants’ feedback.

– Judgement criteria and impact indicators:both are collected to assess the impact of a project. -Interviews among the stakeholders.

look at the info graphic evaluation of some past projects:

Evaluation 1

evaluation 2 evaluation