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Erasmus 2022-1-PL01-KA210-ADU-000084618 - Small-scale partnerships in adult education

In NGO activities, focusing solely on bureaucratic barriers reduces employee creativity – this results in the duplication of their own ideas.

The aim of the project is to deepen the digital, personal, and social competencies and learning concepts of the two project partners Polish Filary Foundation and A ROCCA, and local activists who are PFFR volunteers, willing to deepen their skills. The acquired knowledge combined with the development of competencies, and with the exchange of experience regarding the mechanisms of partnership cooperation and implementation of projects with foreign partners, as well as the exchange of experience used in NGOs will be the main goal of the project.

The specific objectives are:

  • to improve the digital competencies of local social activists in online activities within the schedule of the project;
  • to improve personal and social competencies through participation in workshops activating social project participants;
  • to get acquainted with the different ways in which the organization operates, with particular emphasis on non-formal adult education.

Target group:

  • employees, co-workers and volunteers of PFFR and the Foreign Partner,
  • adults interested in complementing/improving competencies and skills who are involved in local activities

Project implementation period: October 1.10.2022 -1.10.2023

Project partners

  • Polish Foundation Pillars of Development (Poland) – Project coordinator
  • Ass. Art. Cult. “A Rocca” (Italy)
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