“Access to VET” Final meeting, Békéscsaba, Hungary, May 16-17, 2019

“Access to VET” Final meeting, Békéscsaba, Hungary, May 16-17, 2019

The final meeting for KA2 project named “Access to VET” took the place in Békéscsaba, Hungary on May 16th – 17th 2019 with the host from Government Office of Békés County- Department of Social Security and Employment.

We started the meeting with the quick introduction about Project state-of-the-art, advancement, recent performance, Work Programme. Some ideas of dissemination and communication were also being noted. Following by the topic about project management, we were discussing and giving feedback on the best practices/methods to be included in the Brochure of Best Practices. In additional, each partner presented professional report feedback from previous meeting, after the coffee break. More interesting, a member of Government Office of Békés County presented ‘A Best Practice in Hungary’ in terms of improving transversal skills for adults with low level of education, with project entitled ‘Work-based Learning in CVET’. We were very impressed with the project details and its value.

The main concept of Work-Based Learning is to gain better knowledge and skills through practical work. As believed, this Work-based learning deliberately will merge theory with practice. It was also suggested that learnings should take place outside the classroom in a real workplace or a simulated work environment (e.g. in a workshop).

We also discussed about the necessaries of work-based training to trainers and trainees in order to improve their skills as well as the situation of labour market in terms of demand and supply. In additional, the host organization also introduced about ‘‘the objective in the field of education and training’’ through some statistics via Europe 2020 Strategy.  From there, we understood deeply about the importance of work-based learning to all the related parties and ‘’the improving method of quality training’’ had also been discussed during this meeting.

Furthermore, it was presented a very interesting result obtained from this project, a Methodological Handbook. Interestingly, we were all excited to know about the benefit of using web-based and mobile application tools in order to have efficient monitoring for Work-based learning. Meaning, these digital tools could help not only in the better monitoring ways but also to bring the better match for all the related parties.

Before closing this 2-dates meeting, we were introduced by a member of Government Office of Békés County to special project ‘Training People with Low Level of Education and in Public Work’ of 2 central programmes – TÁMOP 2.1.6. ’Learning Re-Started’ (Social Renewal Operational Programme) and GINOP 6.1.1. This could be an opportunity for future cooperation among us. At the end, we all were very happy with all the ideas and final confirmation for all open discussed topics.

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