10 useful ways to empower your competencies

What is competency?

Competency is not only the skill, ability, and knowledge but also the appropriate attitude to perform a certain work effectively and sufficiently.  You are never too old to start to learn. Thus, keep an eye what you want to achieve and find out the way how to reach them. The more knowledge and skills you gain with a positive attitude, the deeper your competencies will be.

How to increase competencies?

Increasing competencies is a challenging journey and you should take into serious consideration. Competencies can be identified and studied. Here are some ways that maybe useful to you:

  1. Learn from mistakes and failures: learn how to accept failures and weaknesses and from that, identify the way how to eliminate or turn them into your strengths. Be positive to consider every circumstance as a good opportunity to develop. Never give up if facing any obstacles.
  2. Be active and positive to accept positive change: Are you afraid of changing something? If yes, consider that a change is a good opportunity to develop. Positive changes can lead to some potential chances that open a new door to your career life.
  3. Identify your competencies and keep working on strengthening them: Understanding your own strengths and find the ways to maintain and improve them. For example, if you have good leadership skill, try to involve with many different groups and increase that skill in different dimensions. From that, you will gain a very comprehensive insight of each leadership type and how to adapt to each different team. Also, you can make a list of the skills you want to build upon.
  4. Learn a new language: Learning a new language is also the way to understand more about its culture though it is not easy at all. Put your passion to learn the language you are interested and commit to master it as planned. The more languages you know, the more career opportunities and diverse network you have.
  5. Gain more knowledge of different fields: How? E-learning is becoming more popular and you are never too old to learn. Hence, you can find easily many different kinds of online courses that fit your schedule. Register some courses in different fields that enhance your expertise and professional expertise. Earn one global professional certificate is also a plus that makes you compete with others.
  6. Gain a variety of practical skills: How? Attend some training courses or seminars. Bear in your mind that other types of skills and knowledge are also significant. In working life, many successful tasks often require a multidisciplinary approach.
  7. Keep constantly improving and developing yourself: stay motivated to keep reading, if you don’t have a reading habit, let do it now. There is no excuse that the books are expensive and beyond your budgets. Take advantages of technologies and find the best way to read effectively
  8. Join some groups or clubs: a place to share and exchange ideas, innovation as well as experience from successful persons. It is also a good environment to find the suitable mentor that you will learn many from him or her. Learning from your network and discussion group is an effective way to reflect and broaden your knowledge and professional expertise.
  9. Write down your plans and commit to do: Be clear what you want to achieve in the future and set reasonable goals to make sure that you can do. Don’t worry if you have a long to-do list, try to identify which ones are crystal balls in your priorities and determine to accomplish.
  10. Balance your time: learn how to use your time wisely to balance your work and life. Everyone just has 24 hours per day. Hence, spend time on taking care of your health and pursue your happiness. Sometimes, let go of perfectionism and allow yourself to daydream when walking or running.
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